Company Mission & Areas of Business

USP Laboratory’s Mission

Through research, education and promulgation of the "Unicage Development Method" and by advancing the development of a highly information-based society in the spirit of "Chisoku" learning the meaning of living through diverse life experience we strive to contribute to the realization of a generous "human society" rich in both mind and body.


Intense development of the Unicage Development Method:


Training engineers who will lead the next generation and improving the IT literacy of enterprises:


Promoting the understanding and activities beyond the bounds of industry:

Company Overview

Company Name: Universal Shell Programming Laboratory, Ltd.
Headquarters Address: NKK Building, 6th Floor, 2-18-2 Nishi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone Number: +81 3 3432-1174
Home Page:
Established: April 2005
Directors: CEO and Representative Director – Nobuaki Tounaka
Business Activities: Sale of Unicage licenses, education, publishing systems integration
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Introduction to our Management

CEO and Representative Director: Nobuaki Tounaka
History: Born in 1966 in Hyogo Prefecture. In 1992, left the Ph.D. program in Information Engineering at Tokyo University in 1992 to work for Daiei, Inc. In 1996, won the President’s Award for system improvements. From 2000 to 2002 was a visiting professor at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences where I led activities subsidized by the Information Technology Promotion Agency. Founded USP Labs in 2005 as CEO. From 2009 to 2011 was a lecturer at Cornel University Retail Management Program of Japan.
Publications: Numerous articles in logistics journals such as “Revolution in Retailing”, “Food Retailing” and “Journal of Retailing”. Numerous articles in IT journals such as “Software Design” and “Nikkei Linux”.

Derivation of the USP Labs Logo

USP Lab Logo Vertical Our logo mark uses as its motif the "Sonkyo Stone" or “Tsukubai” at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. It is said that this was a gift to the temple by Mito Komon Tokugawa Mitsukuni and contains the phrase "Ware tada taru wo shiru" which means "I only know fulfillment."
At USP Labs, we believe in the Zen teaching "The one who knows fulfillment may be poor but his heart is rich; the one who doesn’t know fulfillment may be called rich but is poor." In this spirit we hope to contribute to the proper development of the information society.