Complex ETL

(Major Power Utility)

Character set conversion of host data (from native to SJIS): The legacy system converts the character set from native to SJIS. We ported this process to Unicage. We confirmed the input and output files are the same and calculated the difference in processing speed using Unicage.

Power Utility - ETL

Processing Speed Improvement

Data Amount 2GB (7,240,555 records) 5GB (18,095,303 records) 10GB (36,178,437 records)
Java 3hrs 7mins 53secs 7hrs 30mins 15 hrs
Unicage 43.411 secs 1 min 49.085 secs 4 mins 16.906 secs
Difference 11273/43.411=259x faster 27000/109.085=247x faster 54000/256.906=210x faster